To tell him or not to tell him?

Like you I’ve had that tingly feeling for someone else, every time they walked be.

You know those butterflies.

Luckly for me I’ve found the love of my life, and I could proudly say we fulfill each other in so many ways.

But this is not about me, it’s abouts all of those people who are single and hating life. It’s about those single people who are still on the hunt for that special somebody. See I know your imagining this in your head, but did you stop to think that gay or bisexual people also go threw this also?

I bet you didn’t.

it’s hard enough to be the first one to take that step and tell that other person, ” hey you know what? I feel feelings for you.” What if you have an openly gay friend and they secretly have a crush on you? Would you want to know?
See the way I see it, regardless of someone sexual preference. If you have the courage to admit to someone you have a crush on them, be prepared to risk your friendship. Just remember that other person may just see you as a friend. All am saying is, to admit to someone your deepest secret worth the cost of possibly loosing a friendhip? or the hell with it! -

Welcome to my blog ladies and gents


I’ve finally decided to do this and boy i’m thrilled! I plan to write about anything, from reviews own products, to relationship advice, to family, sales, shopping, the sky is the limit.

I plan on updating this blog atleast twice of week, so get ready pepole Your about to fall in love with me. :)


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